Welcome to MBA Fixed Ops 20 Groups where we intentionally bring together...

dealership managers from various manufacturers to share diverse views of fixed ops approaches, methods, and best practices

Run Your Business More Profitably



Our meetings bring together similar non-competing fixed operations managers from around the country to exchange with each other business strategies that define approaches, tactics and deliberate plans that attract service and parts customers so they may achieve their business goals; in a comprehensive sense that summarizes everything fixed operations must do to be profitable.



 Each meeting includes discussion points on proven Service and Parts processes and organizational methods of structured actions and tasks by staff and equipment that in specific ways produces the desired outcome for customers and serves fixed operations’ business goals. 

Best Practices


Each meeting also includes the exchange of best practices, experiences, and ideas through open discussion. Good ideas are powerful tools in the fixed ops business. The more good ideas and expert knowledge you have, the more you accomplish and achieve. 

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