MBA Fixed Operations 20 Groups

Why Mixed Fixed Operations 20 Groups?

MBA Dealer Services originated the mixed Manufacturers Fixed Operations 20 Group model in 2007, and this idea has been proven itself time and time again. Our concept is unique and uncomplicated: using member dealership fixed operations statistics from various automotive manufacturers as the foundation, we bring together non-competing service and parts managers from a cross-section of the country to exchange strategies, processes, and best practices. Instead of 20 Groups made up of the same manufacturer’s dealers, we combine dealerships from assorted manufacturers to share amongst the membership a mixture of approaches, methods, and best ideas. What a fantastic way to learn new methodology from around the country and not the same old, same old! 

How can MBA Fixed Operations 20 Groups help Service and Parts Managers better control Service and Parts Operations?

Our 20 Groups are like an intervention for your Service and Parts Department managers by allowing our moderators and your manager’s peers to offer ideas to help resolve their toughest problems and, most importantly, hold them accountable to reach their goals.