Disclosures / Agreements / Requirements


FCA Service & Parts Manager Groups

  • MBA 20 Groups are NOT designed to compete or replace FCA's Service and Parts Manager 20 Groups
  • We encourage all FCA dealership service and parts managers to attend FCA 20 Groups
  • (FCA knows of this.)

Basic 20 Group Rules - Dealerships

  • MBA 20 Groups are CLOSED groups (Closed groups are defined as a 20 Group that a manager/dealership joins; please see add'l information below identified as "CLOSED" )
  • Initial signup is open to the first 20 dealerships that enroll
  • Dealerships that are within 100 miles (Google Maps) of another member dealer are not eligible to join the same group unless written consent is given by the first member dealer
  • Dealerships join for no less than a rolling 12-month period (2 meetings, e.g., spring & fall, fall & spring)
  • Membership fees for the rolling 12-month period due and payable upon enrollment
  • Dealership agrees to submit their actual financial statement pages for fixed operations for the rolling 12-month period requested for the group's composite publication
  • Dealership understands that their fixed operations financial information will be disclosed and shared among the members of the group.  Each dealership will communicate their dealership composite identification number to the rest of the group
  • The dealership is responsible for membership fees, and all member travel expenses

Basic 20 Group Rules - Members

  • If you are an FCA service manager or parts manager, we encourage you to participate in their Service & Parts Manager 20 Group program. MBA Fixed Operations 20 Groups are NOT designed to compete or replace FCA's 20 Groups.
  • Proper attire is required for both days of our meetings. Business casual is our code. No jeans. No sneakers. Ties and sport coats are NOT required.
  • We encourage all dealership members to bring a "Best Practice" with them to each meeting  to formally present the idea to the group in our "Best Practice Session". One idea per store is requested. Any entry fees are the responsibility of the presenting manager(s). See your moderator for details.

Dealers and General Managers

Many times dealers or general managers like to attend our meetings and we encourage them to do so! Anytime two or more managers attend our 20 Group meetings, a dealer or general manager may attend free of charge! (Travel expenses are not included.) Otherwise, standard enrollement fees apply.